Multilanguage App

Hi Community,

I’m building a meditation app and I would like to know whether it’s possible to create a multilanguage app. For example, when a user signs up, they can select either Spanish or English and from there the app loads one database or another in a different language.

Is this somehow possible? Has anyone thought or done something like this in the past?


It is possible, but you would have to take into account every single title, header, content to be multilingual, and store those somewhere in your database.

Then, based on the user’s choice, you display the right language to them.

So in my mind, this would look like:

  1. Sign up/sign in
  2. Select language (IF this then that option)
  3. Redirect to language-specific database

Makes sense?

To be clear for step 3, all things are centralized to one single database, you must work through conditional visibility to show the right thing based on user’s choice.


Mmm… I see! Are there any templates or examples in premade apps?

Would love to experiment and get a good framework for it,


You can make a copy of this app if you want…

I built that more than a year ago, so it’s quite outdated. But I have used a similar technique in a few apps. It is quite row intensive, so that’s a downside. But the upside is that it allows dynamic language switching with no delays. Anyway, it might give you a few ideas.

These days, when I need to support multiple languages with an app, I generally just use the Google Cloud translate service with an Experimental Code column.


Worth taking a look at this Experimental Code Column for sure! Many thanks :slight_smile:


Is Google Cloud translate service free ?

No, but your first half a million characters each month are free. And you get a bunch of free credits when you first sign up. So it depends how heavy your usage is.