Multi-language app


Is there a possibility to have a multi-language app with a dropdown that people can use and see the app in another language?

I saw that there are some topics opened on this but are only regarding the app localization language and it’s not what I am looking for here.

Have anyone tried Webglot ?

Thanks to all.

Not natively, but it’s possible if you’re prepared to do a bit of work (or pay for a cloud service like Google Translate).


My man has gone down that road before :sweat_smile:

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is it possible to use google translate api to translate data in a Glide App?

Yes, but it’s not free. From memory, I think you get something like 500,000 free characters per month, and you pay for anything over that.

I have an experimental code column that I use for this purpose. You’re free to use it (or clone it), you’ll just need your own API key.


@Darren_Murphy the page you added is blank when I open it … should I look somewhere in the code ?

The link I shared is the published page link that you would use in an experimental code column. If you want to examine the code or fork the repository, use GitHub - mcdarren/glide-translate

NB. Looks like I originally forked that repo from David.

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You can tell your users to click right and translate. That’s what I do. Not efficient but it’s the easy way unfortunately.

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