Link to Screen for horizontally cascaded images

Image seems to be the only component with the feature “link to screen”.
However, images need to be stacked vertically. But I need to place multiple images (enabled with link to screen) per a formation like this:


How do we do this?

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@adelhammoud this isn’t possible in production today. But soon we hope it will be possible

While we are at that, I would also like the same customization for buttons.

Long list of buttons becomes boring. :slight_smile:

Only way to currently do this is by creating a relation for each Image to its own sheet.

I explain it a bit here:

You can do it now - it just takes a little work. Make a copy & play.

There’s a form in the hamburger menu to add new posts. The newest post is the top, and every previous post moves down a row, or to the right. For some reason the upload photos in the builder sends all the photos to the first photo field, instead of the fields where they are pointed, but this will give you the idea/structure of the sheets and component layout.

Thanks @Tim_Sullivan


tiles parts are one line are all reading from same tab - where I am after having each image within the tile line to point to different tab (using link to screen), Meanwhile, will review @Robert Petitto post to see if it fits within my current App’s tabs.

Oh I see. I agree with @Robert_Petitto - it’s going to take some relations to make that work. Sorry this example didn’t work out of the box for you, but maybe between my example & Robert’s you get enough foundation to roll your own solution.