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According to Meet the New Glide Apps
“Link relations” don’t exist in the new apps. Does anyone know precisely what this means? Sounds like a fundamental part of linking tables is no longer possible? Hopefully I’ve misunderstood? Thanks!

I think they meant the ‘List Relation’, which is a component. Not a functionality of using a relation column to link data between two tables.


The List Relation component was just not a commonly used component. I think the only advantage that it had was that it could connect to single relations in addition to multiple relations and it displayed data differently compared to an inline list. Besides, you can pretty much duplicate the same thing if you really wanted to with the current features. If you don’t know what a ‘List Relation’ looked like and how it worked, you’re probably are not missing anything and don’t need it.

New apps have been around for a while now. If your app is not marked as a Classic App, then it’s a New App. If you are using relations as you normally would, then there is no fundamental part that’s missing and it’s not something they would take away.

I think you are just confusing an old type of Component compared to a Relation.


thanks Jeff. I’m still on classic apps. Looking to migrate. I do use list relations, so would have to work-around. Sounds like it’s a typo, and I get your point about components vs functionality. Phew! Thx for clarifying.

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In the new Glide Apps, you can use a list collection to display either a single or multiple relation so the “list relation” classic app component is now obsolete.


Robert - thank you. The documentation using the word “link” not “list” which threw me.

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@Darren_Murphy can you help updating this? Thank you