Link records to different sheets

Hello, I think I’m lost in a very basic thing, but I can’t figure it out.

In my app I have some stores that have a Discogs profile (for example Brooklyn Record Exchange, 5th store you see), so for those who have it, I’m trying to display their record catalog.

Via scrapers etc I managed to get a new sheet with Brooklyn Record Exchange and Face Records catalogs, but I can’t understand how can I connect those catalog sheets to the store profile?

Right now I have a button “Show Catalog” in the stores with a Discogs account, but obviously they all link to the same catalog, instead of linking to the store-specific sheet.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

As long as you have a common value between the Profile sheet and the Discogs sheet, you can create a relation column in the Profile sheet to link the store name to the store name in the Discogs sheet. I would suggest using either a List Relation component or an Inline List component with the horizontal tiles layout. This will keep it compact if they have a large catalog and will allow you to use the relation column you created to show the related records.

Hello Jeff, thanks.

So basically you suggest to have a general sheet just with all records catalogs, “divided” by store, and then do relations to extract the respective records by store.

However this sheet would contain over 10.000 records (in all sense!), isn’t too heavy to load everytime?

Just curious: is there any reason why I wouldn’t be able to link to a specific sheet based on a detail page? In my case “Record store -> catalog sheet”

You are going to have 10,000 records whether it’s on one sheet or several sheets. From what I’ve seen, Glide is pretty effective at handling large amounts of data like this. You can keep everything on separate sheets, but if you ever added a new record store catalog sheet, you would need to open the builder and reload to get these new sheets recognized/registered by glide, then add a button on the record store details that would point to that new sheet and set up the layout for that new sheet because layouts are tied to each individual sheet. You would also need to create multiple buttons and set up visibility conditions so only the proper button will display depending on which record store you are viewing. It’s a lot of extra overhead in my opinion.

Some people have asked for lists where each item points to a different sheet. I’d classify your request as very similar. The idea sounds great, but from a programmer’s point of view, I feel that opens the door to many potential errors if you are trying to create a link to screen where you would specify the location via a value in a sheet. If things are not set up correctly, this could open up errors or security holes. Also it would be a lot of work if you start changing your list details and things done line up. If Glide can come up with a way to handle this, then I’m on board, but I’m skeptical. Using relations is a graceful to handle everything automatically and dynamically since it’s not anticipated that the underlying sheet structure would ever change without the intervention if the app builder. Also, relations assume that all related data is on the same sheet, so there is no rush when different sheets don’t have the same layout.

Hi Jeff, thanks — I finally added all records in a single sheet and it’s working fine

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