Link Glide table with google sheey

Hi, I created three extra glide table and they are by default not linked with a google sheet. (and thus appear black)
There are more tables that are linked with google spreadsheet, who name is “employee” (and thus appear Green).

How do I link the newly created glide tables with a new sheet created under the “employees” google spreadsheet/workbook?

Hola @diksha_mishra

The tables created on the GDE will be Glide Tables and will not be attached to your Google Spreadsheet.

If you want those tables attached to the GSheets, you need to open your Gsheets and add a new worknook. Sorry I meant workbook.

what is worknook?

I can see only one source. Can we only add one spreadsheet then?

Workbooks are the tabs on a Google Spreadsheets.

You can create workbooks by clicking on the + sign on your GSheests.

I created a new workbook, but then how do i link that one with the glide table?


You link Glide Tables or Google spreadsheets to a Glide App but you cannot link Glide Tables to Gsheets.

What is your use case? What are you trying to achieve?

I was exploring glide, and so i used one of the available templates. And there were only three tables, and one sheet was linked by default. So i just created two more tables as i needed to get more data. But now these tables cant be linked with google sheet. Snd it is a problem because i can easily perform if and else and link in google sheet, plus “find” and replace texts. something im unable to do on Glide now.

I want to change status of a product from “available” to " booked" or " borrowed" once someone fills up a form to show interest in it. this status information that either the product is available or booked or borrowed will be displayed under each product, and should automatically update once someone else has already booked/borrowed it.

similar to how amazon changes sold out from available. I just want the same

If you want the data in a google sheet then add a tab to the sheet instead of adding a glide table. You can also perform IF logic within glide with computed columns. I would recommend doing as much logic within glide instead of the Google sheet. It will give you much faster response time.


OKAYY thanks Jeff!

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I know this is being really pedantic, but…
No, the “Tabs” in a Google Spreadsheet are called Sheets, not workbooks.
Hover your mouse over that plus sign, and you’ll see that the tool tip says “Add Sheet”, not “Add Workbook”.

As far as I can recall, Workbook is an Excel term, which usually refers to the entire collection of sheets in a single Excel file. I don’t think it’s generally used in the context of Google Spreadsheets.



My bad! 🤦🏿

I apologize! @diksha_mishra


I think that Santiago wanted to write “worksheet” instead of workbook.

And a Workbook = Spreadsheet, which is a file that contains 1 or more worksheets to help you organize data.


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yeah, that’s generally the way I understand it