Link does not change according to page detail


I have a list of stores, which in turn have specific information for each one, including a link to go to that store.

When I add the button component for users to click, it doesn’t take the link for each row, but rather the first item in the column for all the others.

That is, instead of taking the link of that store on each page, it goes and takes the same one for each one.

What am I doing wrong?

Need more information. How do you navigate to the page where you are adding the link?

Based on what I see in your screen shot (which isn’t a lot), I suspect that your current screen is sitting on the first row of the table, and you’ve added a button to this screen.

What you should have is a collection component that uses your Stores table as a source, and then you can either add your button as an collection item action, or add it to the item (Stores) details page.

Hi Darren,

thanks for the help.

I did what you recommended and the problem is solved, but I need only one button to appear, and that button has the specific url that redirects to the store.

The problem here is that if I set the limit to only 1 button then it only takes the 1st link from that list.

Hi again Darren,

I had confused the component with the solution you gave me, now it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!

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