Link component for Instagram does not display insta icon if uppercases

Not a big one, but it exists!

When using a link component, pointing on a Instagram profile page, the Instagram picto does not display if the first characters of the profile URL start with uppercases (HTTPS vs https). Probably the same for Facebook and the other social networks.

Hello @Christophe_HK, thank you for reporting this bug, it helped me solved another bug I noticed.

When using a link component and pointing on an Instagram profile page, if the Instagram picto displays (i.e. the component is an Instagram link and not a general link), then even when the label of the component is empty, a label “Instagram” is displayed above the link.

Workaround: Start the link in spreadsheet with a capital letter. The empty label will no longer display “Instagram” (but the Instagram picto will be replace by a link picto).

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Many thanks @nathanaelb for report ! :+1:t2:

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