Limiting data to logged in user of relational Airtable

I am very new to glide & to airtable. I have created an air table, simple relationship of participant who then participates in many events. When participant logs in, they should be restricted to their profile and to their events. I can successfully restrict the participant in one of three ways (flag as row owner, create a visibility condition on the tab, add a filter on the list), HOWEVER when I try and do the same on the events they participate in, I have no option to flag the foreign key field as event owner, and I can only set the condition and filter to empty or not empty.

Thus when someone logs into the Glide APP, they can see only themselves as participant, but can still see every event that everyone else has entered. Can anyone advise how I go about to solve this issue?

Much appreciated

Can you share some screenshots showing how you have everything set up?

Thank you for looking into this. I have taken some images from Airtable as well as Glide and uploaded as best I can to describe what I am seeing.

Hey Zita,

You can use a join list column to convert this to a string and then filter with that!

Check this video! : Airtable Dances - Glide.mp4 on Vimeo ( sorry for not having audio. mic was good before but it braked this week and trying to fix it. )

Thank you


Thank so much for this. I am just out for a small bit. As soon as I get home I will try this!! So very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I have played around with this quite a bit since is went through all the details of your email. I was very helpful. I ended up solving this with a combination of what you had recommended. I created a copy of the relational field (FK Email address) and then added an if-then-else field which I filtered on. This is working really well.

Thank you so much for your time!