How do I show only relevant

I’m creating a feedback app for different organisations. Each organisation will have feedback relevant to that organisation tied to a user login.

I’m using Airtable to house the data and have a column there that identifies the organisation.

In Glide, how do I filter the data so that for user X only the data that’s tied to that organisation is shown in Glide?

You should have a column in your User Profiles table to identify the signed-in user comes from which organization.

Then, just filter the feedback by “Organization” is “Signed-in user’s organization”.

Or to go a step further, assign the Organization column in the User Profiles table as a role, and make the Organization column in the Feedback table a row owner.

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Thanks for this. I have assigned the organisation as row owner, however, as far as I can tell this means that the data only within the Users table is filtered based on the organisation the user belongs to.

My follow-up question is - how do I filter the other data that’s not in the users table (i.e. all the other data housed in Airtable), based on the organisation in the Users table? The other table of the data has the organisation as a column, so I suppose the question is how to relate the organization column in users to the organisation column in the other table, so I can filter the data by the logged in organisation?

Sorry, I had a typo in the original reply.

This should say “role” instead of the original “row”.

If you have already assigned the organization value as a role, then you can use the “role” info in other tables as a row owner.

Ok great thanks. Does that mean that once I’ve specified Organisation as role, I can then filter my other data based on the Organisation name, even if I haven’t explicitly related the Organisation column in my Users table with other tables?

Essentially I have a column Organisation in my users table, and the column Organisation in my main data table. Trying to understand how Glide knows they are related.

Yes, you are correct. Let’s say you set the Organization column as a “role” in Users table.

Then in others table, say you have a row you only want people from organization A to see. Set the organization column in that table to a “row owner”. Then only people in the Users table who have “Organization A” as their role will download and see that row.

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