Limiting access to certain records for certain users


Hoping someone can help with this as it has me stumped!

I will have a approx 50 users accessing my app.

The main table on the app is called “Breakout rooms” - and that is the table I want to limit access to.

Each user will have a role of -

Super admin - access to all breakout rooms
TRM - Access to approx 5 breakout rooms each. There will be one TRM assigned to each breakout room
Tech - only ever access to just one breakout room

Am sure there is an easy way of doing this, but I am struggling. Any help much appreciated.


If you are already utilizing Role functionality, then you just need to add three row owner columns to your breakout table. Fill the first column with the Admin role, the second column with the TRM role and the third with the Technician role.

If I’ve understood Andrew’s question correctly, I don’t think that would get the job done. Here is what I would do:

  • In the User Profiles table, just a single Role column is required (and should be set as the Role column in the User Profiles configuration). Add the word Admin in each of the Admin Users rows.
  • In the Breakout Rooms table, 3 columns are required with Row Owners applied:
    owner/admin: a text column, with the word Admin in every row
    owner/TRM: an email column, with the email address of the assigned TRM in each applicable row
    owner/Tech: an email column, with the email address of the assigned Tech in each applicable row

Yeah that probably makes sense. I think I was thinking more along the lines of users having a TRM1, TRM2, TRM3 or Tech1, Tech2, Tech3, role, but email probably makes more sense if there is only one TRM and one Tech per room. I guess along the same lines…if there is only ever one super admin, then a role would be unnecessary and an email could be used as well.


You are both wonderful people! Thank you very much. Works perfectly.

For some reason I struggle with row owners . Watched the videos, but just can’t get my head around it!

Either way - it works - so thank you!

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