Help planning out access & authorisation

I’ve just finished the University lessons on row-owners and roles and I’m still not sure how to apply this to my use-case (not that I am trying to do anything particularly complex). Anyone up for giving me some input on this.

I am building a tool to help manage the work I do with client businesses. I use it to record meetings, actions etc and the clients also log in to update progress, share more information etc:

  • Two types of user (Lets call them Advisor & Client)
  • Advisor can see / edit anything.
  • Clients relate to a company: Can be multiple users per company
  • Clients can only ever see data relating to the company they are part of
  • This all needs to be reasonably secure, not just in source but hidden from view.

What I was trying to do:

  • Restrict to users in users table only
  • Have company id column as role
  • Add company ID to all sensitive rows (pretty much everything).

I feel like I have missed a step though. This doesn’t seem to work. No user can see anything. I also don’t know how to deal with the advisor role using that method.

Any thoughts or advice?

You are on the right track, just missing a few details. Here are a few pointers:

  • Make sure you have a Role column (Text type) in your User Profiles table, and it is set as the Role in your User Profiles configuration.
  • Each of your Advisors should have an “Advisor” role
  • Each of your Clients should have their CompanyID as a role
  • Now in each of your tables where you want to protect data, you will need two (Text type) columns with Row Owners applied:
    – The first column should have the word “Advisor”, so that your Advisors get access. Obviously you’ll want this in every row
    – The second column should have the CompanyID of the Company that each row is associated with.

The above is basically all you need.


Aaaahhhhh… Makes sense. Thanks. I’ll give this a go shortly.

Quick update on this:

Good news : Works perfectly. Thanks - That would have taken me a long time to work out.

Bad news : I’m now in trouble at home because I’m itching to update the whole app to do this an I am apparently supposed to be wrapping christmas presents.


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