Limit on Airtable Rows Sync?

I’m testing out a task manager using data synced from Airtable. I’m on the free plan as I’m just testing this out.

I understand that the row limit on the free plan is 500.

I tried creating a new Glide Page based on an Airtable base with roughly 350 rows (in all tables combined).

When I create a new Glide page using this Airtable base, it only syncs 100 records in total. I have another Glide Page using the same Airtable base, that seems to be limited to 109 rows in total.

Any idea what could be causing this limitation? I’ve tried refreshing the Airtable data source, but that didn’t help.

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It sounds like you are on a team subject to the old pricing. Do you get the same behavior when you create a new team? If your team contains any projects on our old per-project pricing, then you are not on our new team-based plans, so your airtable rows may be more limited.


Yes. That was the problem. No issues after creating a new team. Thanks for the quick response!

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