Limit access by password

I’m interested in the feature ‘limit access by password’. Does anyone have any experience with that who wouldn’t mind describing how it works (can’t find anything in the help resources).


What I’m hoping/expecting:

  • At the very first login screen, instead of entering an email address and waiting for a PIN, the app simply asks for a password. If the user enters the correct password access is granted. Otherwise not.

Q. How do you define the password? Does Glide automatically insert a new column in the Users tab for a text password?!

Q. Can I define the password? (I assume it’s 1 password for all users).

Q. Is this feature available for Basic App subscriptions? (it’s seems blocked for Free apps).

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Hi. It works pretty much as you describe. There’s one password. You define it within the GDE once that option is selected (it’s not in a Sheet anywhere). That password is then required for all access to the app.


Great thanks for the confirmation. And is it available with Basic subscription apps?

@Simon_Hill you need a private pro subscription

Here is a bit on security


Also, with the password option, you lose all concept of users. No user profiles and no logic checking if an email is the signed in user. It’s like a user using a public app with no sign in, but with a password to get in the front door.

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Thanks Jeff…

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Did this option go away? I’m looking to have an app that is protected by a password. I remember this was how I built apps in the past, but now I can’t seem to do it anymore?

Yes, I don’t believe it’s an option anymore.

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