Enter My App Password

Hi, I am creating a personal management app and I would like to protect it with a password, if I use the glide form the password is stored and I want to be able to enter it every time I open the app to prevent someone with my phone from viewing my data

You can choose “limit access by password” here.

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If you are using Android, there are launchers that can add a layer of password/biometric protection for chosen apps. You can also enable Guest mode if you regularly hand your phone over to others.

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I would like it to be requested every time I launch the app, instead it is stored

This is a normal behaviour for almost all apps unless they have built in security.

You could either build in a challenge screen on the default tab (not sure how off the top of my head, but I should imagine it is possible)

Or else you will need to use something built into the phone system itself.

/edit Alternatively log out of your app each time you use it via the hamburger menu top left. Of course, if you are handing your phone to someone, when they try to log in, they will probably have access to your emails to log in again.


I think this feature is still in staging, but I think we will eventually get the option to choose to stay signed in or not by agreeing to an authentication cookie or not.