Like/Dislike Picker Not Available

I’m not seeing the option to add the Like/Dislike picker to my detail view page. Is this no longer an available?

Here’s the components I have to choose from:

It’s not quite released yet. Soon!


Very excited to see this appear today. Looking forward to being able to change the labels for Liked/Disliked and being able to limit it to only a Like rather than giving the user both options and the two step click. And color styling options, of course… especially to align with themes. All of which I’m sure are somewhere on the road-map. Otherwise, loving this and eager to put it to use!

My use case: I’m currently building an in-app tutorial for my app, and I wish I could use this for the little “Got it?” click to take users to the next step. But would need the ability to change the label, and make it a single click with just the thumb up “like” half of the component. For the time being I’ll be using checkbox component, which will work fine. But visually, this would have been killer for it.

Interesting use case!

This is going to be a great feature! I am curious if you plan to be able to capture the users that takes the action(for use in another object)? Or just the count of actions?