Liaison entre des tables glide et un serveur de donnée mysql

Bonjour je suis sur glide version free.

Je souhaiterai connecter mes tables glide et un serveur de base sql.

Es-ce envisageable ?

Si, oui avez vous un tuto là dessus.

D’avance merci

If you’re using Glide Tables, I think you should have a Pro version to be able to use the API to have a good “connection” flow for the two data sources.

I kind of did this for one of my clients, using a Microsoft Azure database, though I was using Google Sheets instead.

Everyday, for each of the client’s tables, I use a query to take all rows from Azure, clear rows in Google Sheets, then update all rows from Azure to the Sheet.

For instances where the data can be edited in Glide, I build a flow to update those pieces of data back to the right row in Azure.