Bi directional syn from Glide to MSSQL and visa versa

Hi we are testing glide to see if we can use it effectively. We need to be able to create a glideapp/PWA. Our users can securely log in edit their data in the glideapp. We need to sync these edits/updates in their glideapp profile data, back into our core SQL server. We also need to ensure any updated profiles in our core web app/MSQL server are also synced and updated in the glide app. Ideally both ways in close to real time as possible, with speed, reliability and securely.

Can anyone here give me a step by step how to or any ideas on best way to achieve this.

It’s difficult to say specifically without understanding more about your environment, however it would be worth looking at the following:

For Changes Made In Glide

  • Use a Glide Table for the user profiles
  • Send a web hook to Make when a profile is updated
  • Have Make communicate these changes to your SQL instance (a variety of methods are available)

For Changes Made In SQL

  • Have SQL communicate changes to Make (webhook is probably simplest)
  • Have Make push these to Glide Tables using the Glide API

You’ll need a RowID in the user profiles table (since the API will require this) and so it should be a field that you also hold in SQL. Some additional logic will be required if user profiles are created in SQL rather than in Glide in order to accommodate this.

Hope this helps


Hi and thank you very much for the helpful reply. And if we were not to use a glidetable in favour of using either google sheets or excel spreadsheet? Same or extra complexities or less complexities?

Kind regards

The potential issues with using a Google Sheet, purely based on your original question, are:

  • Security (do you want the data in a Google Sheet)
  • Speed (if Make updates the Google Sheet it may take a few minutes for Glide to see the changes)


Hi V88

And thank you again for coming back, much appreciated.

I guess Ithink, from the data security perspective “do you want the data in a google spreadsheet?” would i want the data in glideapp tables? which is more of less secure? Ideally I want it inside our data warehouse/mssql only, from data security/control. How do I do that and give my users the glidapp/appsheet mobile PWA experience?

And the speed issue.

Logically I can understand the fewer steps the better/faster (and more secrure), I am not tech but that does sound sensible, but would keeping it on our environment data warehouse/sql to single page PWA updater created by us or 3rd party dev, would that be better all round? I guess cost to dev and maintain/support could be higher or much higher, than third party solution such as glideapps?

Kind regards Paul