Hi Gliders~
I want to create a leaderboard to filter and display users with the top ratings.
Then I realised those values are in the user profile data, I could only read my on rating.

What should I do? Are there alternatives to reading those values?

Store the ratings in a different table that isn’t under row ownership.


Yeah, I have a table which tracks certain actions overtime and add a row with player data, so I am adding additional information to the row.

And use a filter to display the top 3 ratings in a collection list.

Also how do you deal with duplicated rows with the same user but a different value stored at different time?

Do you want to Sum all the different values for the same user?

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Can you show us how you’re structuring your data? Are we talking about a records table where a user can have different records at different times? What do those records tell you?

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Here’s my insight table.
I have a Add a row Action whenever user take a specific action.
Currently I am passing in details from user profile like their name, ratings and avatar to this table.

Then I use a query to filter this table with rows that have ratings greater than 2.5 and also read the rows that are active within 3 days.

I use a collection to display the Top Hoarded column and limit the number of items to 3.

Why wouldn’t you just store the PlayerID and then use a relation + lookups to get those other values?
What happens if a Player changes their name or avatar?
What happens when a Player rating changes?

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I tried with Player email and relation, but it since their information is secured in the user profile data, it was only able to display my information lol.

So there’s information in the Users table that you want to protect from other users, but all users need to be able to view each other’s name and image?