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Hi Friends,

I am trying to create an app where one user can be rated by others based on their performance.

I have successfully created a user onboarding page where users can create their profile and the data provided by the user is saved in “users” Sheet.

The user can be rated based on various parameters ( like 5 - 10 parameters) and I dont want to overpopulate the “users” sheet. I just want the final rating ( which is the average of ratings in all parameters) to be shown in the profile of the users.

I have created another sheet " Rating " which stores the rating in all parameter and also the final rating.

The issue is i don’t find any way to relate the ratings with the respective user and i was not able to create reference column because all details about the user is stored only in “Users” sheet but i need some way to bring atleast one detail about user ( email or user name) to this "Rating " sheet. So that i can relate these ratings back to respective user.

Please help me :gift_heart:

When you are rating another user, how do you know which user you are rating? I assume you would be selecting a user from a list, or entering a user id or something like that?


As Jeff said, in your form to populate the Ratings sheet, you should have a reference to the user you are rating.

If you’re letting users rating other users through the details view of each user, you can pass the rated users’ rowID or email using a special value component in the form.

If you’re simply showing a form not attaching to any users’ screens, you can add a choice component, showing on the front end the name of the user, writing the rowID or the email on the backend.


Thank you jeff now i understand.


Thank you Thinh. Really helpful. solved my problems.

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