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Hi Guys,

I am making a sport’s statistics app and was following @Robert_Petitto’ s Gamify Your Glide App Tutorial Series. I have run into an issue while setting up the leaderboard tab and I need help with the same. On the leaderboard tab, I was setting up multiple inline lists for the different stats. While on this tab, I could show the different users in a list along with their different values for the different stats.

But, on clicking the see all button, all the different inline lists mimic the same values that are setup on the last see all page.

I have tried using different relations for each list as well but run into the same error. Can someone help with this? Having the same stats show up under the different users for all the different inline lists kind of defeats the purpose of me having a leaderboard.


Hey @Hersh74,

Have you set a filter on that part of the inline list?

I hope that helps.

Hi @SantiagoPerez,

I haven’t set any filters on it till now and being relatively new to this, I’m not sure I catch how that could help. Could you please elaborate?


Can you give us a copy of the app so we can take a look?

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If you modify which stat the ‘See All’ screen is showing, does it change for all other ‘See All’ screens?

On the Feature setting of the inline, you might need to set some filters so the inline shows what you need.

That’s correct Jeff. Exactly the problem I’m having.

Unfortunately the app does have some client related confidential info so won’t be able to share a copy … however I could make a video explaining the exact issue if that would suffice.

I tried that @SantiagoPerez but it seems to only filter the displayed inline list and not the see all section. The See All section only has in app filters and that seems to help users select filters they want in stead.

Hi @Jeff_Hager, any ideas on a workaround? I’m kind of stuck and can’t seem to move ahead with this. :face_with_head_bandage:

If your inline list is setup horizontally, then temporary work around is, not to limit the items showing. It won’t show “See All” options.

However, I understand this is not proper solution if you have substantially more items.

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I’m not sure. I can definitely duplicate the issue. I thought maybe both inline lists being tied to the same source sheet would be the issue (and probably is to some level), so I tried with 2 separate but identical relation columns that link the same two sheets together. Each list is using a different relation. The result is still that the “See All” layout is duplicated to both inline lists. Glide heavily relies on attaching layouts to sheets, so on one hand I can understand why it’s happening, but I would agree that it doesn’t seem correct.

@Mark do you have any thoughts if this is a bug or intended behavior to have two inline lists that share the same source sheet but the design in “See All” is shared among both inline lists?


Thanks Pratik … As of now, that’s what I have done … I have applied a rank system, used a filter as @SantiagoPerez suggested and am showing only the top 10 in the list with a 10 item limit … It’s not the ideal solution but will at least allow me to keep moving ahead.

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On a similar note, I use inline list for top players (>12 player list) but only show top 3. Is there a way not to show “See All” as these stats are available via another page? It is an unnecessary link in this instance.

You can use a ranking formula in the sheets and filter by rank less than or equal to 3.

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