LAWZAP - a multiple lawyer/visitor sign up find and hire a lawyer app!

A very soecial Tx for this app goes to JACK, BEN TOSSEL and PETITTO. II think we can’t thank JACK enough for the INSTAGRAM app and BEN TOSSEL for the MEDICAL CENTRE app. Tx also to PETITTO because the MEDICAL CENTRE app took some inspiration from his Chat messenger app.

What I have done or at least tried to do is take both the Instagram and Medical Centre apps to the next level by creating a kind of fusion of their technical aspects. No third party integrations, except a few gifts and emojis. Otherwise, Glide pure and simple. So a big thanks to Glide.

This app allows multiple Lawyer and visitor sign up and has a private messenger for visitors to chat with and hire lawyers. Check out the key features tab for more information. There’s more to it than just this. Imagine a dating website but with a few tweaks. I have kept the lawyer sign page and visitor sign up page completely separate, yet allowed both individuals to come and meet in the same place. Visitors don’t have to sign up until they are ready to initiate a chat. Lawyers don’t have posts but a business and a personal profile page. On the personal profile page is the chat button. Visitors can also leave reviews on individuals lawyers on a separate tab. Hope you like it.

The key feature of this app is that it is through and through Glide with no third party integrations. I still have a few things I’m adding and I’m still undecided on whether I should keep it dark or go white before going pro.

I need some of you good and hardworking folks to test the app for me pls. I’ll upload later. Tx.


Thanks for the shoutout!

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I have a similar idea but for another industry and want to get it built quickly. Can I hire you?

Hi Suzanne. Welcome to the Community! Sure. Email me at

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