A successful app in the legal-tech space

The Divide Between Legal Talent and Firms

New York lawyer Hayley Leviashvili had always dreamed of working in the entertainment industry. But when she was finally able to reach that goal, she began feeling differently. What if there was another industry better suited to her skill sets? Another type of speciality she would prefer?

The problem was that Hayley felt as though her law school education never gave her a full enough outlook on all the specialties of law. She didn’t really get a clear idea of what it would be like to be a real estate lawyer or a bankruptcy attorney, for example. That’s what led her to search for different types of lawyers in the US who would be willing to talk about their experiences.

She first started noticing a gap in law firms’ access to top talent or law students. She realized that law students don’t have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in different sectors of the law, and smaller firms weren’t able to pick from a pool of motivated students.

That’s how gigLAW came to be—a platform, built by the LowCode team using Glide apps, to provide law firms with legal intern-level assistance on a virtual basis.

From Idea to Application: Hayley’s Need for a Platform

At first, Hayley got in touch with law school career centers to raise awareness surrounding gigLAW and its many opportunities for students. Once the career centers started posting the jobs that law firms sent to Hayley, the rocket took off. An outpouring of interest began.

Within a couple of days, Hayley had received more than 100 student applications. A problem quickly arose, though—she didn’t have a solid enough system to manage the rapidly increasing number of applications. She had to impractically juggle between emails, contracts, and invoices without a centralized process.

She struggled to manually match law firms and students, while keeping track of law firms on a spreadsheet and onboarding students with Google forms.

With her idea up and running, she needed a solution that consolidated the whole pipeline. She also needed to automate notifications for both law firms and law students to make things easier for everyone. That’s where we stepped in.

The Development of gigLAW

The first thing we did was hop on a discovery call and have a chat with Hayley. We wanted to thoroughly understand her needs and requirements. We were then able to start working on the scope of the project and create a wireframe of the app.

We then hopped on a revision call to make sure we were aligned on how users would engage with the platform. Our team of expert developers started working their magic, and just four weeks later, the gigLAW app was born.

Law firms are able to post their assignments for all students to see, and students can take assignments and earn some extra income while improving their resumes.

Law Firm Profiles

Law firms can submit unlimited assignments for law students and make them public for all students to see. They can add their specs, files, assignment due dates, etc.

Law Student Profiles

Law students can see all posted assignments and choose the ones that better suit them on a “first come, first served” basis. Law firms can also upload files.

Both user roles can keep track of their pending, in-process, and completed assignments. They get branded emails at different stages of the process as reminders to take action on the app.

Built on Glide apps, the no code platform, gigLAW also allows law firms to rate students based on their performance for other law firms to see.

Meanwhile, students can gain expertise in different types of law by working with multiple firms while earning money.

GigLAW does not stop there, though. In addition to law students, the app has found a strong market niche among recent graduates and parent lawyers who are looking for additional income through a part-time job.

Users of the platform, including full-time independent contractors who can make their own schedules and work from home thanks to gigLAW, have the freedom to choose tasks whenever they want and the chance to make a good living.

The Bottom Line

The results for gigLAW have been amazing pretty much since day 1. Hayley has been able to save law firms a significant amount of time and money with a functional, aesthetically pleasing app that is a win-win for all of its users.

We didn’t just build the app, though. We’ve been adding additional features to the platform ever since. We continue to work hand in hand with the gigLaw team to scale and automate most of the things that are crucial for the business. A good example of this is notifications. When an assignment is posted, students are notified, and when an assignment is accepted, law firms are notified. This sometimes needs fine-tuning according to new developments, which we take care of to keep things running smoothly.

We are always helping the apps of our clients grow by making changes when they are needed. We modify the solutions we create to fit new circumstances as demands change.

That’s how LowCode Agency can help you automate and streamline your business. No matter what field you work in, we’ve got a solution for you. We’ve built more than 267 apps, so we’ll be able to seamlessly guide you from idea to execution. You’re just a free discovery call away from having our expert team of developers make your dream app come true.