Lattitude and Longitude in Address for Map

I have an app where you can have a record for each location. In that I have an address field connected to a map.

I don’t have much issue with regular addresses with this, but I’ve started to copy and paste longitude from google maps into this field and it’s not showing the proper placement on the map. Here is an example of the lattitude and longitude I’m using. It should be on a small island in Panama….

9.33910° N, 82.23987° W

This is what the app shows

This is what it should show.

Is it a format issue? Would love to know.

You need to remove the non-numeric characters, and because it is in the western hemisphere the longitude should be negative.

The following should work: 9.33910, -82.23987


I have found that when working with Google maps, it is easier for me to copy/paste the coordinates from the URL of the location than to pull them from the map data. And this removes the characters and includes the +/- info.

Like this:

One thing that I learned recently is that if you right click on a location in google maps, then a sub menu will display where you can directly copy the coordinates in the correct format. Clicking the coordinates will automatically copy them to the clipboard.


Well, that’s even faster!

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My issue is I’m copying from apple maps on mobile, so no ability to get either of those. Going to see if I can figure out how to convert this text to the correct format. A bit frustrating it doesn’t recognize this considering that it doesn’t show the correct map in glide, but it does if I click to expand the map.