Just Wondering - Is there some type of default setting that the web browser version for a home page does not appear the same as the mobile view please?

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This is just a wee question rather than a full on issue. With the My Medications app I have been developing I put together a home page (yea another step in my learning process). Anyways the mobile view looks fine

However the web browser view looks like this:

There doesn’t appear to be any capacity to centre the images so they appear centred on both the mobile and web browser views.

I have tried changing the size and Image fill to various settings and unfortunately this does not change where the image is located on the web browser version.

Is this simply a default setting that cannot be changed, i.e. like button colour please? Because there doesn’t apear to be any capacity to change the button colour either.

Just wondering.

Many thanks

Try using the container component. Set the container to “3” columns wide and place your other components in the middle.

Have a look at some ideas here

Hi Eric,
Many, many thanks. Very greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Will give them a go.

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