Here’s just a quick and dirty jukebox that I created this morning in about 10 minutes. This father/daughter duo have inspired MILLIONS on people during Covid-19, so I thought I would share. I’d like to put different photos in each of their songs, but until I can hopefully get some, I will stick with the single image for all. As always, input is always welcome.

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Hi Mike,

I am always inspired by how much Glide enables people to tell their stories. It’s not just about the business, it’s about little things like this as well so thank you for that.

For my input, I think more of the story about Mat & Savanna can be told in the home page. You can also choose to link the image in the home page to the Jukebox screen to limit the tabs, if you want so.

In the Jukebox screen, you can try to use relations to make navigating between songs easier.

Thank you!

Great ideas. I’m not sure how much of the story to put on the Home Screen as I wanting to keep it entirely viewable on one screen, otherwise, it takes away from the actual content (their music) as people are less likely to scroll down further. I could be wrong though.

What’s the best way to link the Home Page image to the actual jukebox screen?

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You go to the features tab and set it to “link to screen”, then choose the Jukebox screen as destination.

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Any idea how I could make it do a continuous play of the videos vs individually hsve to hit play after each one?

Any idea how I could make my app do a continuous play of the music videos vs individually having to hit play after each one?

Not sure if it would work, but can you try the link of the whole playlist?

Thanks for the idea, but that comes with all of the unwanted ads. Lol

Hi Mike, I am playing it perfectly here without any ad issues. Can you check again with your device?