Code to make an automatic music playlist

Hello fam, i have an app that let people put songs in the list for my party, i was thinking that, it would be great to code a program to take the information i have in the columns (link of the song for example) and put the song in a playlist so i don’t have to do it manually, of course this is external and i don’t have a clue how to connect it with glide, so… can anyone help? Thanks

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Good challenge!!

I have around 3 hours thinking about a solution for it :rofl:

I still don’t give up!



Hopefully I can have something for you tomorrow my time. A sneak peek.



i’ll check that later, thank you

I will send you a private link to join the team where this app is stored, since it’s Experimental Code, I can’t allow copying.

The idea is we have a table with the video’s link (in the format I use so the video ID can be extracted), and the video title.

Each video will then have its own “HTML Temp” generated to be used in the custom component.

In my users table, I joined those together using a joined list column.

The code I adapted from Codepen also have a “feature ID” parameter, which will render the first video on the left side of the component. Here, I’m using the 1st ID from the list by default.


Finally, I plugged those into the experimental code column that I constructed.

It looks better on desktop view, I feel like there’s not enough space for this to work well on small mobiles, and also this does not allow opening full screen.

You have to get a Pro license to use the webview component to display the result.