Yet another Quizzing App


A couple of friends and I run the Cricket Stadium club on Clubhouse (the new rage in town).

Apart from other things we do in the club, we host a weekly live quiz on Cricket on Sundays.

We wanted the members of the club to be able to go back and play some fun trivia questions (questions from the past editions), crowd source questions, check the ongoing leader board, nominate themselves, etc. Hence, this app.

There are separate sections for the quiz masters/admins and just a member of the club.


Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 3.50.13 PM

hahahaha, I know who that was :rofl: :rofl: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers:

(hint 2: It was an Aussie :grin:)


It was my direct question, and I got it wrong. The name escaped me. No wonder I lost. :sweat_smile:

I’m old enough to remember it quite clearly :joy:

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So being old enough is a ‘boon’?

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Looks great :+1:

However looks like it maybe worth reporting a bug :bug:
to glide team

Viewing on ios12


I had the same problem.


There are a few. The swipes get stuck many times and you can’t browse cards then.


May I know is that the CSS you use to make the answer shown in a green box?

You can use the hint component. No CSS required.

Oh, cool! Didn’t realize about that component.
But the font size is rather small using hint component. Is it possible to customize it?

You can use CSS to customize it. How do you want it to look like?

The hint component is pretty close to what I need, but I wish to have a bigger font, or even change a font type. :slight_smile:

I’ve put in simple html with inline css but it doesn’t work.

@sardamit love the hide/unhide feature on this, nice work!