Joined list on computed column in GBT - one is working, other is not


I have turned on the ‘More computed columns in GBT’ preview feature.

In one GBT table, I have created a Joined List that joins a list of template text fields retrieved through a relation to another GBT table. See screenshot below of the column setup.

I have tried to replicate the exact same setup in another GBT table. The primary and relation table are different, but the Joined List setup and the format of the relevant columns and relation are all the same. However, this isn’t being accepted. See screenshot below.

Any ideas / thoughts? Am I getting something wrong or is this a bug?


You are currently using a ‘Big Table’. Please note that Relations based on Computed Columns—the target column cannot be a computed column if it’s in a Big Table.

It is advisable to use a regular table instead. Please refer to the following document for more information:

Hi there @Himaladin - I believe you can now do this as a preview feature (please refer back to my post).

The point is it is working on one Joined List column, but not the other, despite the fact that all tables in question are Big Tables and the underlying columns in both examples are computed (in this case, templates).

I need to use Big Tables due to the volume of data involved.

For your second example, which column types does the template reference?

Whilst you can now join/rollup a template column in a Big Table, it will not work if your template references any column types that are not supported.

Currently supported column types are: Math, If-then-else and Templates.

So for example, if your template is built from a lookup column, that won’t work.


That’s the one, thank you @Darren_Murphy

In the first example I remember now I got round this problem by writing the relevant lookup data into another column as text.

I haven’t done this in the second example, i.e. it is trying to join a list of templates that rely on lookups. I can correct this by pointing to static data.

Thank you!

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