Joined List Not Compatible with Description/Caption?

Is a Joined List column not compatible to show as a description or caption under the list view? I have data in the Joined List column but when I use it in my description or caption field it doesn’t show anything. I could have sworn I’ve used Joined lists as inputs in these components before. Please help! I just want each crop name to be displayed under the date it is available.

Should work. My first suspicion is to always check if a Row Owner is getting in the way. The data editor does not honor row owners, so you see all data, even if it’s unowned. Always double check that the data that the relation is pulling is not under row ownership.

there are no row owners or user-specific columns in either of these sheets.

Are you using the new Query column?

Yes! The joined list is being generated from the query column. My hunch is that has something to do with it not working.

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That’s what I’m thinking too. Might have some kinks to work out.

I was also trying Query column yesterday, it did not allow me to use Template column and lookup column in description. What Bob mentioned that, Query always brings Multiple relations, I thought what if I use limit the result to only 1 which can work.

I was not sure if logic is correct or not but then I ended up using single value column from Query column which was visible and working in description and at other places.

I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

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what do I do now? Should I open a ticket for this? What is the appropriate process to bring this to the attention of the developer team?

I would. I’m sure they would want to get the bugs worked out, and it helps to have a working example of the bug.

I submitted this ticket as well and also built a test app and sent it to support and Mark

Glide support got back to me to let me know they reviewed/understood the bug.

Now waiting on the fix.


Ya, Glide is aware that the Query column is in need of some fixes. They’re looking into it.


I’m holding off on opening a ticket since Glide is aware and working on this. How will I know when it is fixed? Is there a forum where fixes are announced? Or is it that the columns in my app will start working so I’ll know it has been fixed. Thanks much!

Have you checked recently? There was a fixed published yesterday.

yay! its all good! Thanks so much to everyone at Glide who worked on this fix!


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