🔥 Join us tomorrow for a live 'Fireside Glide' webinar

Nice! All signed up!

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Hope we seeing a new payment gateway lol

we getting Noifications lol

Looking forward to it, lovely fire you got going there🔥

It will be a meeting mostly for newbies to get used to Glide’s builder, as I understand.

Just sharing again to make sure your calendar entry has the correct time.

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Ok, me and my coffee are still waiting…


See you all in 10! https://youtu.be/Sco4NYOaAl0


Like it @JackVaughan and @david Small thing: next time speak into the other camera so it feels more that you’re with us, Jack! You felt a little distanced.


What a dodo bird I am! I thought the Fireside chat was 21.00 CET! I’m watching the replay. :slight_smile:


Just watched the replay whilst eating my breakfast :smiley:

Component Grouping - yes please!!

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I got inspired watching this session and created a very basic app that summarizes this webinar. The questions and answers are summarized by webinar (only today and Nov feature announcement so far). The entire video can be watched, or each question’s and answer has a link into the Youtube video at that timestamp when question was asked and answered.

Is this useful ? it is my first app, it isn’t fancy… yet


Great Job!!!


Thanks for this! Big that they have talked to Integromat.

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And integromat’s so nice that they offer to lend out a developer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just watched the replay, that was really great, thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Great work!

I agree!


I’m sure it makes good business sense for integromat to get involved with glide and tap into us as potential users :wink:

It’s a powerful tool for sure