John Peel Sessions App

Great app, just inserted in my concept app for a glideapps store for templates :+1:t2:

The latest update:

Anotação 2020-09-06 111818

Thanks for all the help

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@Antonio_Lopes ,
Some ideas to keep the app alive and kicking:

  • Highlight different sessions every day or few days
  • Ask artists to make Top 5’s
  • Ask artists to tell the story of their session, a bit like Tim’s Twitterlisteningparty
  • Share all those new pieces of content on social media with mentioning the artists so you get a different audience everytime
  • Start a newsletter where you mention the newly added sessions to keep it alive



Thank you for the suggestions.

I will think what’s the best way to implement in the App and create a roadmap.

Keep cool