Band As A Service

Hi guys,
Been working on this with my children and their band.

  1. One pager about Pip Blom Backstage. Subscription service for a band with the option to become a Free, Premium and Deluxe member.
  2. Glide app with different content for different members. Become a paying member via Memberful or (Dutch)
  3. Automation via Zapier (when member …, when cancel membership … etcetera)
  4. Newsletter for members via Mailerlite
    Read all about it and look at the app:

great work whit the app, just 1 observation, since a get to the website, and go and login and all that proces , why there is not a single song there, or video! would be amazing to play something there since its a music band app! obviously this is for fans and maybe the target it s not new listener, but i wonder. why dont put it there?

thanks for sharing it! :smiley:
and awesome design!

Thanks. And I see what you mean! Will do it! But like you say for now the site is mainly aimed at people that know the band already. It’s a service for fans. People get to know them via Spotify, social media etc, the landing page is there to explain the project a little. But I’ll add some music!

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Nice work indeed !
I just made an music band app too :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think ?
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