First 50 paying members

I’ve told you before about Pip Blom Backstage, the community site for the band of my children.
I thought let’s do a little update …

  • Pip Blom Backstage is members only. There are three member types: Free, Premium (4 euro p/m) and Deluxe (10 euro p/m). Free members get nice stuff, premium and deluxe get more.
  • There are now 500 members, 50 of them are paying members, 2/3 of the paying members choose the Deluxe option.
  • The band publishes all sorts of content: video’s, foto’s, music, playlists, etcetera. Depending on the type of user you are, you get more with visibility rules.
  • The community can add pictures (already 130 pictures added) and talk in the chat section.

50 paying members is a nice beginning. Almost everyday more people join.


@erwblo: Very cool, thanks for sharing, but is the app GDPR compliant? :wink:

No :wink:
But in the meantime we delete everything a member wants :wink:

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Well done!!!

This is fantastic! Love seeing Glide apps being monetized!