John Peel Sessions App

How many sessions do you have at the moment?

Antonio, you are linking to the source when using Wikipedia, wouldn’t it be an idea to link to the You Tube channels of guys like Vibracobra and FruiterThanThou too? They put so much energy in digitizing old radioshows, I think they deserve that!

Yep :+1:t2:


At moment a have in the database 655 Bands/Artists… that represent at least more than 700 individual peel sessions

The plan is to (after the public roll out ) is to open for volunteers to develop further this structure (much as possible/if available):

  • Name
  • Image of the Band/Artist
  • Bio
  • Reference of the Bio
  • List of Session (1,2,3,…)
  • Tracklist of the Sessions (1,2,3…)
  • Source of the Sessions (1,2,3…)
  • Official Website of the Band/Artist
  • More in Spotify, LastFm, Bandcamp…

Any suggestion?

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I think you can keep the app alive in the future by letting people make playlists like ‘Early punk’ ‘UK ska’ ‘Punkfunk’ etcetera. Or ask people that did sessions choose their favorites so that they help spreading the app.

You right!!!

Coming from academic background, i´m very sensitive to intellectual ownership and the need to always reference to your sources.

I been testing the best way to this in relation reference i for now my solution are … after each session and tracklist the reference to the source, and also implementing a acknowledgements page describing in more detail the contribution of each of the sources.

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You will make a lot of people happy with this app! I am reconnecting with so many great artists! Playing A Certain Ratio now!

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Very good ideas.

I plan to use the Favourite tool in Glide… so people can create their own list of favourites Bands/Artist.

I’m waiting also for possibility of Glide allowing deep linking to be able to offer share option (this could be a very interesting feature for the App)

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Favorite is nice as well, but i think curation by specialists or more or less known artists can help for discovery. In the future of course, it’s all a lot of work :wink: !

So what is the plan? When will you release the app so we can promote it a little?

Hello. Sorry for coming back to you now, but i´m doing a road trip around Portugal, with little access to a PC.

The plan is to do a public release on August 30. I will create an info summary about the app and Post it in all the John Peel related social network groups. I plan to send also to some musical related websites (NME,…). Before (maybe next friday) i will send also to you to have feedback about it.

Do you have additional suggestions?

Thanks for all the interest and support.

Kind regards

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I will try to share with some of the bands in the app too!

Thanks for that… i don’t have that kind of reach.

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I´m going to post this message in Social media, please use it as you see fit:

"In celebration of John Peel’s 81st birthday, a group of John Peel Fans created a Mobile App.

This app is meant to provide easy access to the John Peel Sessions, and we intend to maintain it free for all the users. This is still an ongoing process, we are constantly adding new information to the app (sessions, track lists, and artists information), making an effort to always referencing the original sources.

To access the App please use this link on your Mobile phone: (it’s possible to add the app to your phone’s Home Screen or PC Desktop for easy access and better experience)

Enjoy the App and share it, so the Peel Sessions and its Artists can reach broader audiences"

Kind Regards

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Great work! I’ll share it with the world too!

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How many artists / sessions are right now in the app?

At moment a have in the database 655 Bands/Artists… that represent at least more than 700 individual peel sessions

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Tim Burgess (Charlatans) already retweeted my tweet to his 280.000 followers!

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WOW!!! Thanks

Doing fine!