Jesus Vargas Floating Buttons

Special request,

Mr. Vargas I recently discovered your “Floating Button Guide” the video is too short for me to follow.

Would you consider recording a new longer step by step video, I can truly use the functionality.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

James Burns Jr.

@eltintero Here’s your request.

@Jburnsjr you can also tell us what you need exactly, and others can help.

Hey James, what’s missing from the video?

Mr. Vargas,

What I need is a step-by-step guide on how to add the user specific “Menu Open”

Column in the data editor without screwing things up…

I have only added or deleted rows and columns in a google spread sheet. I am

sure in time I will understand how to properly use the power of the data editor.

I am almost ready to release my Pro App to the public, the exploding floating button

would be just the right finishing touch.

Thanks again for your help…