Je voudrais pointer des employers et calculer leurs heures de travail

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Je voudrais créer une app de pointage mais je n’arrive pas à bien organiser la data : il faut organiser les données de sorte à ce que la date de début et de fin soient sur la même ligne. Je voudrais aussi assigner plusieurs personnes sur un chantier. Pourriez vous m’aider ???
Thanks !

Here’s my suggestion:

  • Setup user profiles: Glide • User Profiles

  • Create a tab for “Clocking in and out”

  • In your User Profiles table, create a math column called “Today value” using this formula:

YEAR(D)*10000 + MONTH(D)*100 + DAY(D)

With D being the “current date/time” value.

It would give you a number like this: 20230625 to represent the current day.

  • Create a “Clocking” table to store the clocking data. It would contain: User ID, Start time, End time.

  • In the “Clocking” table, add a math column called “Date value” with the formula:

YEAR(D)*10000 + MONTH(D)*100 + DAY(D)

With D being the “start time” value.

  • Back to the User profiles table, create a template joining the user’s rowID with the “Today value” column. It would look like this: idABCDEF - 20230625.

  • Go to the “Clocking” table, add a template column joining the User ID and the “Date value”.

  • Create a relation from the user table to the “Clocking” table using those 2 columns above. Make it a single relation.

  • Add a lookup column on top of the relation to get back the “End time” value.

Now, on the front end, in the “Clocking” tab, add a button that says “Clock in”. Show that button only when the relation above is empty.

The button would add a row in the “Clocking” table with the signed-in user’s rowID and the current time written to the “Start time” column.

Add a button that says “Clock out”. Show that button only when the lookup “End time” column in the user table is empty.

That button would have a set column action writing through the relation, setting the current time to the “End time” column.

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For assigning users to constructions, add a construction table with the construct name, description, etc.

Add a text column named “Assigned IDs”. On the add/edit screen of the construction, add a choice component pointing to that column, allowing you to choose from the Users table, writing the rowID of the users but showing their names on the front end.

Next, add a split text column to split “Assigned IDs” by a comma.

Create a multiple relation from the split array to the rowID column in the Users table. You will then be able to show a collection of assigned users for each construction site.

On the users table, you can create a multiple relation from the rowID column to the split array column in the Constructions table to show users the construction sites they are assigned to.

Thank you so much !!

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Sorry, I don’t really understand this instruction :exploding_head:
Here is the link to my project : Work Order Management · Glide (

May you help me to achieve this project ??
Thanks in advance

Please share what you have done and we can try to help you get to the solution. You shared a builder link, which only you and the people in your Glide team can access.

Here we go !
If you could help me with the clocking sheet and its layout and also the location button.
Every employee should enter his location to submit the form.

Seems like you are locking access to the app, I tried an email and it doesn’t work.

Nevertheless, what I meant earlier is you sharing what you have done so far in the builder, where you get stuck, and we’ll try to help getting you to the desired solution. I want you to understand the solution, and the best way of doing that is you doing it yourself, after getting help from us for directions.

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