Iterate through collection

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to iterate over a whole collection (Glide table) to compute an output (in experimental code, passing the array of items ?)
Thank you !

We might need to know more about your use case, but you can pass an array to the code column as an input.

You either have to do a lookup to create an array, or a split text.


Thank you very much for your reply !
If I want to create a column array (in the same table) containing all of the letters of this one column (below), how may I do ?

Because it seems that the lookup only returns this one letter from the same row and does not append it

How are you creating that relation? The end result should be something like “H, M, L, H, H”?

Yes exactly ! This is how the relation is configured

Thanks so much


I think you can add a lookup to return the “ID” and then a join text column to return a list of all characters.

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Thank you so much for such help !!
However, there is something I don’t get … It does not show me ID Lookup in the list …

With a joint list, you can combine all the previous Lookup ID columns.

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Got it ! I had to create two joined lists, I don’t know why … But it works. A huge thanks !

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As a metter of fact, it does not detect the joined lists columns as arrays …

Use the split text to break the join list into an array first before you use the reverse array.

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Seems like your relation was a multiple one. I assume there will ever only be one match so I used a single relation.

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