Item pick list

Hi all . First of all thank you for all the help you give in there. im brand new to glide but have been doing nocode for a long time now

Im working on a tms system ( transport management system for my business ) we run everything using nocode , via airtable, mini extensions, zapier and a few other services

I’m trying to make a frontend for our customers to pick items they need transported , and have hit a wall .

i need a front end where the customers can choose different items and make a list of things the need to get delivered , this will consist of a autocomplete field and some kind of lookup in a database

im trying to make a similar function to 
when you choose a item in this list it will automatically be added to a item list and there after i can calculate prices and cubic for the trip

Images of the service I’m looking at

And after choosing items the list would look like this

Any idea is this can be made in glide. Everything else im working at can

The autocomplete thing is not possible, but I imagine you can have an inline list on the screen, use the native search bar, then the action on each item would be adding a row to the Cart sheet with quantity being 1.

Alternatively, you can let users go inside the details view of each item, let them add the quantity there (writing to a user-specific column) and then submit that info to a new row.

You also won’t be able to let users add or subtract quantity right on the screen, it would have to be in the details view where you can utilize a button bar to do increments/decrements.