Issue with Relative Time 2

I made a video to best describe the behaviour the Relative Time column is giving me, but it’s essentially displaying the data differently in the components compared to what it’s showing in the data table.

What’s happened?

As you see the computed data correctly changes to 7 and 6 hours, but when I display it in a component it shows as 1 month.

What are the values for your Start Time column and your End Time Lookup column? Does your Lookup column refer to a table that has row owners applied? If row owners isn’t the issue, then I would try formatting your start and end dates to also include the date just to see if that makes a difference.


It’s not row owners.

You can just about see the End Time column at 15secs, the Start Time is also the same format e.g. 01/02/2022, 12:00:00

I don’t want to change those formats as they are sent in webhook data that is part of many very large Integromat scenarios with lots of formatting/parsing.

It appears to work fine though as the video demonstrates, it’s what is showing in the component when the start time is edited from the Date Time component.

What’s even WEIRDER is that when I edit the start time manually in the data table, the error is reversed! So that in the data table it shows ‘1 month’ and then the correct calculation is in the component!

Note the error value is always 1 month, or 30d (when I change the Relative Time to ‘mini’.

So your start time column has a value with a date of 01/02 and your End Time column has a value with a date of 02/01??? That would be a difference of 1 month.


I see you are setting the start time from the date picker. How does the end time get set?

Also, what is your typical date format. Is MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY normal for you?

Wohoa this is big time buggy! Well spotted, yes so that 2nd observation of when I manually edit the time in the data table it switched around the day and month. Not really a use case as it will only be altered via a Date Time component, so not too worried about that issue.

My normal format is DD/MM/YYYY

More pertinent in the first instance the computation is correct in the data table based on the Start and End Times, and it shows the CORRECT result in the table, just the INCORRECT one in the component.

I don’t know what else I could be missing.

Seems like the data editor is taking into account your regional date format but the component isn’t.

@Jason ?

Hola y feliz año.

I have faced with this before and my advice is:

  • Glide Data Editor works with US format mm/dd/yyyy but the Date Picker component works and uses your browser’s regional date settings instead.
  • if you want to test creating or modifying dates via GDE, do not do it manually, you must use Date Picker if your date format is not US.

I hope it helps!


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That isn’t congruent with my experience. When the Date Picker component changes the time, it writes it in the correct DD/MM/YYYY format that I need - and that’s reinforced by the fact that in the data table the Relative Time column calculates the correct value…

It’s only when I choose to show that data does the alternate computation (shown nowhere else) display itself.

Ah! your “Relative Time column” is a plugin right?

I could see your video but watching it on my phone everything looks small :face_with_head_bandage:

I think plugins have same problem with date format if it isn’t US as well. I reported this issue using the Sort Array plugin time ago.

I created a booking app similar to what you try to do. Maybe it can help you in some way:


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This looks familiar……

See my response in the below thread…

In short, as far as I am concerned, all of the Date related plugins are broken (or at the very least, cannot be trusted to give reliable and consistent results). I do not use any of them.

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Dayum. I’m new to all those ‘plugins’. Has any indication been given to when they’ll be fixed? Or is there a way I can find that out?

I’m watching the source repo, so I get changes emailed to me. If/when I see that it’s been fixed, I’ll test again.

You could do the same if you are keen :slight_smile:

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We’ll fix this soon.


Hola @Robert_Petitto

Maybe mine looks like your Meet with Me APP because when I wanted to create my own booking app and find out the problems and challenges to get it after reading many threads about it I remembered your first version and by accident, I started my work following your layout but later (of course), I changed it while I was developing the logic and options.
Sorry if this causes you a discomfort.

As a proof, I show you my backend for it. I developed this demo APP using the new plugins and XC (JS code) in order to make simple my logic and avoid creating and manipulating so many computed columns (math, ITE, Template)

As I already knew the Glide’s date format issue, I used the Jeff’s trick to work with dates without headaches and saved me a lot of efforts and time (thanks again @Jeff_Hager :muscle: )


Sorry again Robert for any misunderstanding.

Un abrazo y feliz 2022!

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No worries! I consider it an honor that you reference my work.

My “meet with me” template doesn’t get much action anyhow🙃

And yes, @Jeff_Hager’s trick to convert a list of times as time values was huge!

Congrats on the successful app build!


Thanks Robert

We need to learn from best and you are one of them.

Feliz día!

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