Issue with Duplicate Reservations in Management Application

I am currently running a management application for a hospitality business where people can register themselves for a reservation, and customer service can register others for their reservations. The issue we are facing is that sometimes a submission is created twice or even three times. This duplication issue makes it impossible for my calculations to work accurately, as they are based on the total number of current people and the amount of people registered.

While browsing for solutions, I’ve found that this is a common bug. I am using RowIDs as well, if that information is needed for a solution. The solution I am seeking at the moment, while this bug is being fixed, is to be able to automatically delete duplicate rows or at least mark the duplicate rows so they can be deleted with an action button if possible. The reservation information is stored in multiple columns such as name, country, number of people, email, etc.

This issue is harming my client because they cannot prepare for the next day properly. For example, I calculate the total number of diets needed, as well as the total of each diet for a chosen date. This issue is causing the client to purchase more ingredients than needed. Please, if anyone has a solution to this issue, let me know. If anyone needs extra information about my issue to come up with a solution, I will update with the necessary information.

Thank you for your assistance.

Can you go into more details on this? What constitutes a “duplicate”? Is it just the times of reservation, or there are more fields that should be unique?

For example this person has duplacted 3 times for some reason and all of the information as well, all columns are duplicated in 3 different rows, the rows have different RowID but same information.

How are the reservations being added? Are you using a native form, a custom form,or some other method? Do you think the multiple rows are coming from the same user, or do you think multiple users are adding the same person at the same time?

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