Issue displaying richText formatted CHEMICAL FORMILAS in lists or tables

Hello Glide Community,

I’m currently working on a project that involves displaying a list of chemical formulas. I have these formulas stored in a column formatted in RichText, which displays perfectly when using the RichText text component. However, when I try to incorporate these into a list or table within Glide, the RichText formatting is not supported, and I am unable to see the formatted text. Additionally, when using the RichText text component, only the content from the first cell of the column is displayed.

Could anyone help me understand what I might be doing wrong? How should I proceed to display the entire column with RichText formatting in either a list or a table format? I couldn’t find a solution to this issue in the forum or documentation.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey @Joan_Simon,

It would help if you could post examples of the formulas here and perhaps a screenshot of your required list format.

Rich text is not supported in native collections/lists… only the rich text component.

To get rich text to act like a list put it inside a custom collection :wink:


Thank you for the quick response! Below are examples of the chemical formulas I am working with:

  • H₂O (water)
  • NaCl (salt)
  • C₆H₁₂O₆ (glucose)

I’m attaching a screenshot of the desired list format. Your insights on how to manage this in Glide would be incredibly helpful, especially considering this project involves over 400 formulas for a university recycling initiative.

Thanks, @Eric_Penn, for the clarification about RichText support! That’s a great suggestion to use a custom collection to simulate a list. I’ll give it a try. This project is for a university recycling initiative and includes managing over 400 chemical formulas. Your advice is very much appreciated and will significantly aid in organizing this information effectively!

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If this is the desired result I would simply use a Glide collection (not rich text + custom collection). Could we see a sample of the raw data?

Welcome back Joan :wave:

I’m tagging @Marc-Olivier who I believe might have encountered this is his work.

Hello @Eric_Penn ,

Thank you for your advice! I’ve attached a sample of the raw data with some of the chemical formulas in Catalan, as the project is for my university in Barcelona. Here is an example of the data formatting:

Regarding your suggestion, I’m intrigued by the idea of using a Glide Collection instead of combining RichText with a custom collection. Could you please elaborate on the differences between these two approaches? I’ve previously used a Custom Collection as shown in the earlier screenshot, but I’m not entirely sure about the implications of switching to a Glide Collection for this specific need. Thanks again for your help!
Captura de pantalla 2024-04-15 155501

Glide’s usual collections have a set layout and configuration (title, description, meta, image). You can configure a few things, but you cannot entirely build your own collection …

… Actually you can, with the custom collection. The custom collection allows you to display a table of items and customize how items in the collection look. If you need to use the rich text component which seems to be the case, you can do so with a custom collection.


Actually I think custom collection is the way to go. I’m not sure how to get the sub 2, sub 3, etc without it. Inside a custom collection add two components…Text and Rich Text. The text should target COMPOST and the rich text should target FORMULA.

The ‘Source’ of your Custom Collection should be the table from your screen shot.


Hello @Eric_Penn ,

Thank you for your detailed suggestion! After reviewing your advice, I believe the custom collection approach, as you’ve described, will indeed be satisfactory for my needs. Using both Text and Rich Text components within a custom collection to target different aspects of the data sounds like a well-tailored solution. I appreciate your guidance on how to properly set up the Source to link to the table from my screenshot. This seems to align perfectly with what I need for the project. Thanks again for helping me figure this out!


My pleasure @Joan_Simon glad I could help!

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