Is there Push Notification

Hi Team

do we have push notifications on Glide? Am I able to push messages to all my app users about a sale I have for Cyber Monday if so please can I be taught how to set it up?

I would like it to be on the APP not via Email

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Hey @Valentine_Madzhie,

Not at the moment.

Hey @Valentine_Madzhie

There is no push notifications in glide.

If you search the forum there are lots of discussions about possible work around which may work for you.

I have in the past created a global message in the app which is shown to the users on the ‘default’ tab which is the first one seen when the app is opened. It’s just a suggestion, there may be other options.

Just saying I would not put this down as a bug. A bug is only really supposed to highlight an issue to an existing supported function of glide which is potentially broken or not working as expected.

All the best with your offer. Hope it is successful

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I am still so lost on the set up for android works so confused