Is there any way to make it visible?

Text translated as Experiment Code is not visible through the Note component. Why is that so? Is there any way to make it visible?

Is there any way to make it visible - Glide Community 2023-10-04 at 8.47.54 AM

The notes component is meant for text entry. You can’t enter text into a computed column. Use a different component to display the translation.


You were exposing your API key, please be careful when posting that in the forum. I have blurred it out for you.


Thank you!!!

In fact, it translates more instantly than Google Translate. but
It is very unfortunate that there are limitations in what can be displayed through the UI.

I don’t understand what’s the problem here. Can you explain what you’re doing that’s not working?

The problem is that when I translate it using the function Googletranslate in Google Sheets, it looks fine as an app, but when I add a row, the translation does not work.
So, I tried to translate it for each country using Experiment Code and make it appear as a Note component of the app, but it doesn’t show up.
Among them, it can be viewed as Hint, text, or Rich text, but it must be displayed as Note to be able to edit it. Is there any way to make it visible?

Either way you’re not gonna make it editable with the way you’re using it.

You can not point computed columns to a Notes component, as Jeff said above.

With Google Sheets, I remember advising you to use BYROW a few days ago, that would also not work because any edits would break your formula.

One way for you to do this is:

  • Have a “computed translation” column, like what you’re having now, and a “manual translation” column.

  • On entry to the details view, check if the “manual translation” is empty. If empty, set the “computed translation” value to the “manual translation” (there’s an edge case if you delete everything in the manual translation, then go out and come back, the action would run, but I don’t think it would be popular).

  • Show the text entry for the manual translation.