Is there a way to hide or replace [required] in form creation?

Need help hiding or replacing [required] in form creation?

help me

What do you really want to?

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Please help me change in red circle. Thank you! :sob:

I’m just trying to understand why you want to remove this if you checked as required


.labels .label +span {
display: none;

it doesn’t fit our language.

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Cảm ơn! cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều.

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He’s trying to build a screen in Vietnamese. That English word “required” does not fit, I assume.



Yeah, now I understand after he said. Thanks

@George-Glide maybe we need to change the verbose here

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I’m trying to build a language synchronization software but there are some places that can’t be changed like the login part

I’ll bring it up with the design team.

It is on the to-be-fixed list. I haven’t been given a timeframe but it will get done. @phong_tran Thanks for bringing it to our attention.



Sorry, but I just found out that the issue is that we do not support Vietnamese as one of the languages we language localize in running apps. So there is no place to fix it. If you or anyone else is interested in helping do the translation for Vietnamese send me a message and I can see if we can give you access to the Glide app we use to hold all the translations.