Is there a way to have a full blown WYSIWYG editor?

I know there’s the Note component, but it’s not the same as a good editor component, it’s flaky and when you try to paste 4 or 5 paragraphs it begins if begins shaking (literally) up and down. Any suggestions?

I tried to replicate it but seems to work fine for me. It might be an issue with your browser zoom, sometimes the pixels do not fit the screen size. Maybe reduce the zoom and it might stop doing it.

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Thank you for testing it. I will check if it’s a zooming thing. Other than that I really don’t like the way it works, you have to click on Edit, then Done, but you still have to save. it’s not intuitive, you can’t resize it and use it to provide a “text editor” for users that would like to create a sort of styled document… you know… a real text editor.