Is there a way to gather all data from the user-specific columns

Hi guys,

I have an app for keeping stocks and all stocks are user-specific … is there a way to pull that data from that column for all users into another table ?

Hi @Ovi

Can you be a little more specific? How is your stocks table built?
Do the stocks are already in the app and the users mark them to favorite, or do they add them and if so, are they owner of that row?

I have 1 table with all the products and 1 column user-specific with the “In stock” marker for the products that are in stock for each user
no row owners

I thought we were talking about a stocks portfolio :sweat_smile:

Hum I see… I don’t think it’s possible, at least not without some workaround.
What is your objective here?

To see all the products that are in stock from all locations

If anyone knows, is there a way to create an action that will add those ID’s and some data on those rows, as new rows in another table ?

Actually I tested this and it’s a solution, but does anyone know if I can add in bulk multiple rows for the same action ?

The only way to do this is through some sort of automation, where you’re sending a payload to make, whereby it iterates upon the payload, and adds a row for each item in the array

If you want to see the stock for product A in location 1,2,3 and 4, it need to be different rows. Especially if the number of location and product is variable.

I don’t know how your app works but maybe this might a solution:

  • Create a “Main product” tab containing your catalog with the product details. Each product is identified by the RowID and is unique.
  • Create a second tab, “items”, which correspond to your stock. One item is stored in a location and is linked to a main product (main product rowid).
  • In your “main product” table, relate each product to the items linked to it.

For example:
In your items table:

  • Item 1 is TABLE stored in location 1 with 150 in stock linked to main product TABLE
  • Item 2 is TABLE stored in location 2 with 150 in stock linked to main product TABLE
  • Item 3 is TABLE stored in location 3 with 150 in stock linked to main product TABLE

Thanks to relation in your Main product tab, you will have:

  • TABLE: 450 units in stock (150+150+150), stored in location 1,2,3

How do you have stock in USC columns? Is this some temporary data? If not, then I don’t get the concept…

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I don’t know what an USC column is but is a concept that works for the app I’m building …

Table 1:
row 1… column “Stock” → “In stock”

Simple … or you can have a boolean value to not write anything in it.

USC… user-specific column, visible only to the user who writes to this column. Nobody else will see it… that’s why I wonder what kind of stock you are creating.