Is there a way to allow a user to show/hide visibility in certain groups?

I am working on a community and I want them to be able to control visibility in certain categories. For example:
I’m a person in Texas. I am available to connect. I want to be able to have the following scenarios:

  1. I only want people who are also in Texas (that group or category) to see I’m from Texas
  2. I don’t want anyone to know I’m from Texas (but I still want that attribute attached to me in case people are posting things for people in Texas…so if an opportunity is targeted at people from texas I should still see it)
  3. I want everyone to see I’m from Texas

So basically showing/hiding a user attribute and deciding who can see that attribute.

Or conversely, can you do the same with a group, say NY writers, can I make that group only available to members of that group? (hopefully I haven’t asked this last one before)


One way of doing so:

  • Assuming you can track user’s group (e.g. State) into a variable User_State,
  • Make a relation per group (e.g. State) - let’s call it rel_State
  • Add a “Show” condition in GDE “If rel_State contains User_State” => TRUE

Thank you, can you have multiple relations?
For example one user chooses to be visible outside of Texas, another user only wants to be visible in Texas? I’m trying to use this same behavior for private information that people may or may not want to share for example, Diabetes. They may want to list themselves with this condition for everyone to see or only people who have it in common. Can you use the same switch for this or would I create perhaps 2 options. Show to same and show to all?

Yes, multiple relation rel_G1 (group 1) rel_G2, etc.
Then you can play with OR/AND
If rel_G1 contains User_Group AND (or) OR rel_G2 contains User_Group, etc. then Show=TRUE

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Thank you!

Assuming this case is where you have a setup that allows other people to have a look at any other people’s profiles, I would have a visibility choice column for users that go with their user profiles sheet. The choices would be:

1 - Partially hide
2 - Full hide
3 - Visible

If visibility is partially hide and signed in user’s state is the same as the state in the detailed view, then visible.

If visibility is full hide, hide the info and the opposite for visibility is visible.