Is there a calendar view in pages?

I can’t find the calendar view on pages. I can find it when building an app but not when building a page.

Not available yet, but I believe this is one component/feature that the team knows is highly desired… so hopefully it comes sooner than later!

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thanks. It would make so much sense for a big screen.

I know, right?! @Ivo_Elbert

I have not done a lot with pages, but seeing all these posts about features that are available right now in apps that are not available in pages makes me think they released pages before it was quite ready for prime time. For one, I’d have liked to see (at minimum) a way to port an app to a page without starting from ground zero.

They have that:

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Pages use a brand new computation model, so it’s basically a complete ground up rebuild of glide. Apps still use an older computation model which was much harder to maintain. They plan to convert Apps to the new computation model in the future, which should makes components compatible across both.

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Yes, it creates the app from the data, but has none of the functionality that the app has.

It assumes a lot from the data, but not quite the same thing. How about “New Page from App”.

Well, then when they have all the features in Pages that currently exist in Apps, they could have some sort of conversion of the App to a Page, and then create a new App from the Page with the new model, right?

Possibly. I imagine when they get to that point, some or most components would be compatible between both apps and pages.

For the record, the existing calendar list layout in Apps is not very efficient in the way it works behind the scenes. It needs a complete rebuild all around. It’s much slower than any of the other list layouts, and lacks some important features, such as limiting the number of displayed rows and having a “See All” option. At the end of the day though, it’s not really much different than any other list layout other than it’s design and a couple of fancy effects.

Due to issues I had with a larger computation intensive table, I created my own version of a calendar layout using a Card style list and some slightly ugly CSS. If you are willing to think outside the box a little bit, you can create a calendar list using a regular list that’s just as functional as a calendar list layout. Pages don’t allow CSS and you may not get the exact look you want, but I think you can get something pretty workable if you are willing to play around a little bit.

This screenshot shows a customized card layout instead of a calendar layout.


Any open source tools to use for this guys similar to Quickchart @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto ?

I doubt there is one, and even if there is, you likely lost the ability to let users view the details screen of that event. Quickchart works because we don’t need to click on anything to have a deeper view, while this is likely not the case with a calendar view.

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Maybe someone has calendar examples in the Pages?

This is on the way buddies :face_with_peeking_eye: :


There are a lot of friezes in Glide today, maybe they just add this? How soon do you think we’ll see this in Pages?

If there are no problems in testing on staging, maybe a couple of weeks. That’s my observation based on the past releases.


Thanks Glide!!!


The best thing that happened this week.