Is there a API request to fetch all rows?

I see that there is data API for Add row, Set Columns, Delete Row. Is there a similar request for fetching all Glide table rows from outside Glide?

There is, but at this point in time it’s only available to Enterprise customers. I’m not sure if there are any plans to open it to other customers once the new pricing structure fully kicks in. @DJP might be able to comment on that.

Thank you Darren for the info. I was thinking of automating the data synchronization between a Glide app and the backend DB (not via Mate/Zapier). But it is not essential and I can use a workaround. Cheers!

Agreed…would be nice if the full API became available to non-enterprise customers.

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In one thread about the new pricing, it was mentioned that it should already be available to non-enterprise customers, and they were going to fix the links? @DJP, do you have a recollection of this conversation?


ah, nice. I stand corrected.

Well, I don’t have a new paid plan to check for this availability (waiting for them to announce the discount to move my pro app over), but on my current pro plan on the old plan, I do not currently have access to the read API.

From what I’ve seen it isn’t available yet unless I’m missing it.

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Great to be able to read from 3rd party even if it is just to read one whole table. We can still retrieve the set of required info using relation columns and joined lists. This really opens many opportunities for collaboration with enterprise db’s. The backend can actively check the Glide tables and update them selectively. Thanks people!

Hello, all! Sorry for the late reply

The Read function will be included on the Pro team plan, which will allow you to read an entire table. As Robert pointed out, it is not available yet, but stay tuned!


Thanks for the confirmation! Looking forward to it.

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